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Our Mission is to help people find real solutions to problems that will enrich lives. Our focus is educational programs, service and materials that we can bring to the community to impact physical and emotional factors affecting children and adults.

Who we are
Our company is made up of parents, including foster and adoptive parents, social workers, researchers and educators who want to find solutions for people who are struggling to overcome issues that are stumbling blocks to realizing their full potential.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD  
We realize there is a large need for more work in the area of PTSD for our nations veterans. However, in our communities we seldom recognize we also have a need for PTSD services for children and adults who have been affected by trauma due to torture, violence, abuse, neglect, natural disaster, accidents or other circumstance. Our goal is to help find real solutions for PTSD that encompass the entire spectrum. 

Community Education
Anger, frustration and a lack of communication takes a toll on every relationship. We are helping to provide real solutions through our many classes and seminars focused on building strong relationships.
Physical and Emotional Dependencies   
     The number of children born drug affected has increased over the last decade. Even when these children are in stable loving homes they still need services (and may need services throughout their lives). The long term affects of substance abuse during pregnancy surfaces throughout life. Unfortunately there are few services available and even fewer with proven results. Children born drug affected may have addiction and dependency issues. Children who are struggling with addiction and relationship issues through no action or fault of their own will eventually grow into adults with the same issues. There are few services available to address these issues and address children ranging from toddlers through adulthood. Stress in adults and children is also at an all time high and when stress increases so does crime, addiction, relationship issues and so on regardless of whether the person has addictive tendencies. Our research in this area will continue until every person who wants a change, becomes the change they want in their lives.