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Training and Seminars
Marriage and Couples

 "Twogether in Texas" is a new initiative to build healthy families and is focused on communication, conflict resolution and building a healthy relationship. In Texas, this class offers a $60 OFF the cost of a marriage license for couples that plan to marry (in Texas) during the next year. The class is open to everyone including singles, couples who are dating and who couples  are already married, as well as single adults and foster parents. Participants must 
                            sign up at 817-332-6348 in order for certificates to be issued. The Twogether in Texas Class is
                            offered the third Saturday of every month from 9-5 in Fort Worth at 3500 Camp Bowie, building 1EAD
                            room 406. 


Hypnosis to Stop Smoking


Hypnosis Seminar to Stop Smoking 2015

The seminar is $100.00 per person with advanced online donation (however, no credit card or check processing are available at the seminar). Click on the page to the left titled Hypnosis to Stop Smoking for more information. Individual sessions are available by appointment for a slightly higher fee and can be completed in a variety of formats. Call for hosting opportunites with a portion of the fee donated to your



  Parent to Parent 

Parent to Parent Conference
This conference offers real life solutions for handling issues that confront parents. Issues covered in this class involve getting the child to sleep in their own room, getting rid of a pacifier, defiant behaviors such as refusing to get out of bed, refusing to go to bed, cussing, refusing to do homework, disrespectful behaviors and public display of behaviors that make it impossible to go to the store or a restaurant.
                           This class also covers anger and a variety of ideas on how to deal with defiant behaviors from teens.  



 Classes for teens 
How not to fall for a Jerk and How not to fall for a Jerkette!
This 6 to 8 hour class offers real help in navigating relationship downfalls. The course covers rumors, boundaries, violence and communication among other topics for teens and young adults. The course is currently taught in a variety of areas including the juvenile justice system as well community and church
                            youth groups sessions. The class can be taught in a mixed gender group but has more participation when
                            the class is separated by gender. 
The Wellness Way for Healthy Step-families
This class is presented in 8 sections and offers real help for step families. Current estimates are that close to 60% of families in the United States are step-families. The sessions cover developing relationships, leadership and encouragement, managing change, problem solving, children and co-
parenting in a step-family among other valuable topics. 
Domestic Violence 

Skills & Strengths for families affected by Domestic Violence
This class is presented in 12 sections. This course is both a prevention course as well as post treatment for survivors and people who abuse. The class can be used conjointly with treatment. The class can also benefit professionals working in fields that offer services for families affected by domestic violence. 
Survival Skills for Healthy Families 

Survival Skills 
This class is presented in 6 sections. This interactive course is beneficial to families at any stage and covers a wide variety of communication and problem solving skills that help build stronger family relationships. We strongly recommend this course to any family who could use more communication, respect and conflict resolution within the family.  

 Contact us for a complete listing of classes and seminars.

With over 50 classes, trainings and seminars it isn't possible to list them all!
Please contact us for a complete listing of classes and seminars by calling 877-922-4733 or by visiting the "contact us" tab.