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Hypnosis Seminar to Stop Smoking June and August 2015. The seminar is  $100.00 per person with advanced online donation (however, no credit card or check processing are available at the seminar so pay online before you go or plan to pay by cash only). Individual sessions are available by appointment for a slightly higher fee and can be provided in a variety of formats. 
Print the Cease Smoking Prep List  and begin following the instructions!

                                Cease Smoking Prep List 

Step 1. Let your doctor know you are planning to quit and ask your doctors advice about supplements (vitamins from the list below) and medications that the doctor feels will help. Also ask if you are able to  begin an exercise program even if that program is walking. Ask about replacements or physician-endorsed methods: nicotine replacement and Zyban. The nicotine patch or gum are now available over-the-counter at any pharmacy. The anti-depressant Zyban and nicotine inhaler requires a prescription. Your doctor is most likely aware of the Cochrane Review study done in 1996 and updated in November, 2007, that found nicotine replacement therapies like the patch, gum or inhaler when coupled with other programs, increased chances of quitting by 50% to 70%. 


Step 2. Make a list of all your friends, family and coworkers who smoke and in what instance you see them smoking. Also list your smoking habits, are there certain times of day you smoke more? Whom do you smoke with? Tell everyone on the list that you are beginning this journey and your start date. Let the smokers on the list know that there are times you might not be able to hang out with them.

Step 3. Get a regular vitamin regimen. Ask your doctor specifically about the vitamins A, B, C, D, E, multi mineral supplements, flaxseed oil, fish oil. The best antioxidant is astaxanthin and you may have to get that at a vitamin store. Start clear out all unhealthy snacks and begin stocking up on healthy options.  

Step 4. Make a list of the physical activities you currently do and what you are capable of doing. Just a simple walking route will do if you don’t already have a program.    


Step 5. The week prior to putting down the cigarettes begin your vitamin program (if you have not already), increase your water intake and begin walking (or your regular exercise program). This may cause a natural decrease in smoking.  

Step 6. In addition, make sure you have researched a number of good programs and keep in mind that you can belong to several programs at once. If you are having trouble making a list of programs; call your local branch of the American Cancer Society, or the American Lung or Heart Associations for an inexpensive and effective, programs. 

Step 7. You are ready for your hypnosis class. Prior to class go through your house, car, purse, workbench or anywhere you have cigarettes and put all cigarettes, liters, and ashtrays into a bag or box and bring that bag or box to the session. Yes, all of your secret stashes and everything that “aids smoking” should go into the box.  

Step 8. Prepare a 5 - 7 day supply of healthy snacks and remove all unhealthy snacks from your home.  

Step 9. Remember your tape recorder when you drive to your session. Yes, you may audio tape the session. You may also purchase professional quality tapes at the session.   

Step 10. Hypnosis is a extremely powerful tool. Only participate in the session if YOU want to quit (not if you are being pushed by others). Only participant if you are serious about ceasing the smoking habit and sure you want to be a non-smoker for the rest of your life.


Note: Child care is not provided. Please do not bring children to the session. Cell phones will be completely turned off during the session. If you are not able to comply with the cell phone restrictions or child care restrictions please select a different session.